Magnitude EARTHQUAKE During Livestream!

and live going live we are live what is going on guys we give everybody a couple of minutes to log in I am here chillin it is Friday night see how many peeps we have on here right now looks like one person is logging in we'll spend some time surprise surprise surprise it's a holiday weekend yeah one person in here right now somebody is watching Emma thanks so much for jumping on welcome welcome welcome we're gonna be hanging out for just a little bit tonight it's a holiday weekend I figured you guys are trying to recover from fourth of July I know I am right now goody two-shoes Jane great to see you thanks for jumping on Michael Domeier as well what to do what to do happy post fourth of July I don't know about you guys but I'm trying to recover right now so we're gonna be hanging for a little bit here tonight spend some time but I say hello and login taking a break from a few editing things Sarah star blogs and reviews thanks so much for jumping on great to see you we're just kind of waiting for people to kind of login I am recovering from fourth of July last night so we're gonna be hanging tonight for just a little bit I'm probably not gonna be long I'm trying to finish up a couple of projects but great to see you on here Sarah just so you know I know we're just not we're not officially getting started for a couple of minutes there but Sarah just launched her Cheetos sandwich review I gotta take a look at that later on tonight Sarah welcome welcome back to doing what you do for sure in your channel great great times there I can't wait to see what that is about you liked it we got misty 97 in the house here as well we got Lindy be Nehemiah's sander is great to see you on here Ben Davidson bus seven three three two welcome welcome welcome to the Friday night chat first review some surgery nice nice nice nice Sarah I'm telling you we just like riding a bicycle right I know it was for me when I got back into it I felt a little groggy a little off at first but then it's like I like riding a bike so let's see we've got Norman Jablonski on here what did you way to do great to see you on here again misty 97 thanks so much for jumping on here as well Elizabeth Ricard thanks so much for jumping on one of my mods here all of you guys with the blue wrenches have power to do what you need to do I will leave that to your disposal but great to see you on here david p welcome to the Friday night stream great to see you guys on here right now Mary post or not Mary happy Post 4th of July I'm still kind of recovering from that we'll talk about a few things there from the 4th ed Keeton thanks so much for jumping on as well hey hey hey happy Friday happy Friday you already know what it is team STC Donny great to see you as well thanks so much for jumping car broussard did you feel the quake yesterday yeah we're gonna talk about that right after we do the check in here so yeah some crazy stuff you guys may have heard that went down here in California we'll talk about that Sarah I can actually go fully around stationary bike now cool very cool every little bit I'm telling you it's it's progress it's progress neutral 69 aren't you gonna try Italian restaurants I should actually do Domenico's one at some point in the future I should that's one of my favorite Italian restaurants here right now but let's just get the started in here real quick guys Before we jump in let's see the last few people who are logging in Cameron heads great to see you on here Joey's world tour got me to your channel thanks so much I appreciate that already our food reviews robble Dario is in the house here as well doing his thing great to see you on here man very very happy post 4th of July to you for sure guys incidentally before we get started if you see any of these people that I'm acknowledging especially that what you see here when they have food reviews in the title Drew's food reviews Sara Star vlogs and reviews make sure you jump on over to their channels like share comment and most definitely subscribe these guys are pumping out content to no end and there's always something to take a look in the foodie community here and they are absolutely contributing to it on the daily so great to have you in here RTR as always he is definitely Wilin out in his channel he's definitely a cool guy for sure so I'm gonna use that as the focal point to come back into the chat so let's just get started real quick welcome to the Friday night livestream guys my name is Ian K creator producer and host of peep this out reviews I create what I like to call high quality foodie features I should say I'm still recovering from fourth of July and I have a blast doing what I do here in my channel there if you guys have really - high-quality good-looking food reviews and I try and do the very best possible review I can for you guys definitely consider subscribing if not consider definitely subscribe and hit the bell notification down below as well so that way you can be 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guys should you feel the need to contribute that way it is wholeheartedly appreciated believe me there but seven three three two Thank You Man I appreciate you greatly there with the $4.99 super chat alright so let me see who else we've got in here and then we'll do some of the check and stuff and then we'll talk about what it went down with the with the earthquake we'll start off with that it was pretty crazy but already are in the house as well thanks so much for jumping in here we have got David P slap that like button yes please help this video trend incidentally this video is not gonna be on replay because just to get this out of the way right now since we're all recovering from 4th of July there's gonna be no food review that I'm going to be doing during this hour I just kind of want to connect with you guys decompress have a good conversation positivity all the usual stuff but I have some stuff to take a look at here with you some stuff that you've seen throughout the week nothing really came out fast food wise this past week I don't really know nothing nothing huge it's been kind of a slow week if you ask me slow week when it comes to fast but we'll get into kind of what came out there and let me know if you guys have heard anything or you've seen anything recently we'll have some fun with that so let it soo okay drew what are we keeping anything out today a little bit of a retread of some of the stuff naturally we're going to get into of course I want to kind of showcase some of the things that went down this past week which we'll talk about let's see here Eddie Keaton is loving the beard I appreciate you man thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you got Elizabeth Ricard who is liking everybody in here or a thing or saying hello to everyone here in the chat great to see you on here I love when you guys interact with each other it just shows you the power of the community the fact that you know even the newbies who do show up which I greatly appreciate as well you guys are going to be right at home with the positive people and it's the atmosphere that we have here in my channel I've kind of cultivate since for the last five and a half plus years almost six years actually in August so I'm really very proud of that and it's all about our just keeping that moving that positivity moving and and I look forward to these times too just so you guys know Friday nights typically after 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time is what I like to do this because it kind of gives me a way to end off my week start the weekend planning out my content which I've already got three videos in the can one of them I may have out tomorrow at 12 o'clock I'm trying to make something work correctly if I'm able to do that then you'll probably see it tomorrow but if it slips to Sunday I make every point to try and get in there very rarely do I release anything on a Sunday unless it's ultra urgent or important but more often than not I'll try and have something ready for you tomorrow there so just kind of look forward to that but if for some reason something doesn't happen and you already know Sunday it's definitely it so we'll have to see check back on the channel at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or make sure your notifications are set up correctly by clicking that bell down below along with the subscription as well as your phone going to the notifications and then get in there as well so let's see who else we've got on here Jen see Molina's in the house very cool going down the line let's see nehemiah's got a huge headache right now you know that was me day before yesterday now I'm higher so I'll try and talk softly or just try and turn the volume down if anything else here but I hope you get wet you know get better with that if anything believe it or not you know it actually helps and I think I've talked about this before if you guys get headaches routinely and I usually do myself I'm kind of prone usually putting an ice cube in your mouth and numbing the very top of your mouth because that's the nerve that goes directly whenever you get a brain freeze if you have like a really cold drink or Slurpee you want to actually use that same type of technique because that's like a straight shot to shot the system or to shock the system to help you so if you're having a headache put an ice cube in the back of your mouth kind of at the roofie or the roof of your mouth and that way it kind of numbs a little bit and helps you while you're waiting for any any pain meds to kind of click kick in for you there so I hope that helps you for sure PBE what I do what I do thanks so much for jumping on Elizabeth says her notifications have been janky lately hopefully that suggestion that I gave you there Elizabeth is going to help you because that is really the Holy Grail just like I said clicking subscription and clicking the Bell is only 50% of it you got to go into your phone specifically and enable those options within the YouTube app I'm going through notifications and then following that treat so let me know how that works for you and I think you're gonna be ok Fresno is in the house here from goody two-shoes is grading great to see always from up north you've got Sacramento as well up north at kita computer blue is from outer space I hope you got your oxygen and enough enough of a good state I should say for the next hour and then for the earthquake hit the 499 I appreciate that bus 7 7 3 2 I'm catching up on the chat here just so you guys know but yes Thank You Man I appreciate that Detroit Michigan in the house from Michael Domeier thanks so much for jumping on Oklahoma from Lindy be we've got Mountain Dew California from John Hedren again thanks so much for jumping on Johnny great to see you again drink of choice tonight is just some water guys I had a nice coffee earlier today kind of a long editing session day so I'm just you kind of detox a little bit of h2o nothing crazy hot Phoenix Arizona from neon good times indeed Windsor Connecticut from Nahum aureus we know very cool Tuesday is my year a bursary on YouTube wow that is nice shout-out to Drew's food reviews and Drew has really been pumping out that content like I always say he is a live streaming so live streaming animal and also shout outs to Tazzy is cat Tazi you had a birthday this past fourth of July as well I was kind of chatting we drew a little bit while I was at a party kind of decompressing kind of taking a few moments there it was really really a fun time last night it was great to kind of sit back in and chat Dallas Texas of course already our food ruse in the house and by the way RDR I have not seen your view your review on the tiny tacos yet because I know they're testing in your area but I don't want to spoil anything so keep in mind when those go national and I can't see how they're not I will definitely be checking that out but I'm itching to watch for your thoughts on that that thumbnail the way they look the size looks pretty crazy on that so if you guys want to see a test market review currently in effect right now jack-in-the-box is testing tiny tacos my Boyardee are jumped on over there and reviewed that super ultra tempting to check out personally but for all of you guys who are not interested in watching reviews or who do reviews and you just want to check him out by all means you should be jumping over to already are and I'm taking a look at that and since I know he's here in the chat here you can always still tell him Ian K sent you he's quality peeps and a good dude for sure but I can't wait to check those out and I'm very curious to see what you thought of them Robert as well too so I look forward to that at one point which let me just Segway in because obviously we all know nothing came out of interest this past week I don't know this small little product called the Cheetos sandwich you know out of nowhere I don't know about you guys cheetos are not really a huge thing i don't really know why there's like you know really know who plowed with this so to speak online right now all right I know I'm playing this off really poorly but you guys all know the thing has been a nuclear bomb that pretty much went off this past week Cheetos anything essentially becomes crazy so with that said obviously the Cheetos sandwich is now nationwide as you guys know along with that cheaters logo Cheetos lovers box but my boy John over at bite and chew food review was the very first review on YouTube when they reviewed that my Blues back in Virginia I want to say Richmond I believe and he reviewed this I want to say about five or so months ago so I had to give John a shout out obviously in that video because that was the first thing I had not watched that video only because I was hoping that that was going to come out national and of course I did check it out to see their but if you guys want to see another test market review before all the crazy reviews that are out there right now there's like a ton of them take a look at bite and chew food review and definitely a telling E&K century but the cheetah sandwich this thing has been taken off like a rocket right now love the box love the marketing love everything that this comes with a blast to check out I actually got this a couple of days early and released this on June 30th and it's just been bananas in terms of just what people are saying about it and talking about it I actually had filmed because a few of you guys wanted me to check out the popcorn chicken version over the popcorn nuggets so I did that and it was it was another amazing experience to check out if you haven't seen the Cheetos sandwich here you probably have seen so many of these reviews curly right now I'm just contributing a small portion of what I do to the community for that take a look at that because it was a blast for sure but good times good times all around but again looping all the way back to RDR again can't wait to see those tiny tacos we've got the bacon cheeseburger that barbecue bacon cheeseburger out right now along with those donut holes and there are a few things coming for that down the road so I'm looking forward to hopefully them launching that nationwide should be really really cool let's see me catch up down here in the chat let's see goody two-shoes just at the Cheetos lovers box review this week I have a few reviews I got to catch up on I'm a senior and I'm glad Tazi is waving at me drew thanks so much man Elizabeth the RTR food reviews is all over the place in a good way yes I agree good things for good peeps always okay Weber what a do man thanks so much for jumping on great to see you on here we got a the doors fan did you try the new Mountain Dew flavor at KFC I have not I'm kind of on the fence with doing that as an official review I'm I almost did that as something for tonight but I made you something kind of quick this coming week if my schedule permits I'll see if I can do something there naturally it's just a drink maybe I'll do something special with it but if I'm able to do something you'll probably see something this coming week doors fan 91 but stay tuned as always you never know what you're gonna see Elizabeth yes Richmond Virginia got mine at the same location very nice very nice yeah I guess the limited test market a few months ago all you lucky peeps back in the area in that area where we're enjoying that so really cool I was glad I was able to give that a go Sara I can finally get on everyone's reviewing those Cheetos tonight yes yeah just she just she follows the same pattern than I do whenever you're thinking about things that you want to review you got to make sure you hold off you don't want to go in there with anybody's perception of what it may be in your head because you want to keep it as blank as possible well not necessarily you don't want to be blank as possible but I think you get the idea you don't want any preconceived notion about how something is as you're experiencing it so something that I like to do and I it's really appreciated to do there RDR busting off the super chat donations a $5 donation I appreciate you man thank you thank you so much for contributing to the channel again already are another quality food reviewer mukbang or whatever you want to call him he has he is on it what he does he does it in his own style and it's it's electric to watch and he's definitely one of the cooler ones out there for sure that I've seen in recent memory just in terms of just the way that they were relation in terms of how that is comes across on camera and just just having a good time with the audience that he is doing it with which is awesome there so so all the other foodie peeps out there RDR food reviews you guys already know what it is that's my favorite saying because you already know what it is you true it's you should RDR is he's definitely cool cat oh let's see going down the line looks like we had something retracted from Haley and Brian I recognize those two names great to see you on here thanks so much for jumping on Haley and Bryant great to see you guys let's see here I didn't get the box according to Drew yeah some people I guess I guess are not getting that for some reason but you got to get that marketing box you got to do that I mean if anything you guys know me I'm a big nerd when it comes to this stuff I mean look at the stuff behind me here right now right I love collecting all these things unfortunately the one that I got was wrapped in that that regular tin foil like a crispy kernel comes in so this didn't get you know damaged at all so to speak it was actually clean so I kept it it is what it is meh Mir good my head feels so much better good good I'm telling you a fast way to fix a headache is an ice cube in your mouth and let it kind of numb the nerve on the very top of your mouth and you get it for like a brain freeze and go from there oh let's see here let me go down the line already are besides KFC do you think chick-fil-a Popeyes or Church's Chicken what's even better job cheetahs chicken sandwich product mmm already are let's see here you think the chick-fil-a Popeyes or Church's Chicken I gotta say I love all of them to be honest there but we don't have the popeyes chicken sandwich here yeah Robert and I'm waiting for that I've been you know my little feelers I have my Birds out there but there is no word on when that's gonna be launching here I figured it would be right after fourth of July but unfortunately there's nothing so hopefully the very next thing will be that here on the west coast but let's see do you think chick-fil-a papiers or Church's Chicken what do you want in what do you want to do an even better job with the chicken sandwich product you know I would love to see the well Popeyes will be pretty amazing and because that's my really one of my all-time favorite types of chicken at least fast-food chicken because it's awesome sure cheese is a little bit more of a subdued coating the crispy coating on the outside of that Robert actually so I don't I think the Cheetos would be pretty much just the cheeto sauce will be just got a little bit maybe richer because she really wouldn't be getting too much real flavor coming from the chicken itself aside from the juiciness but the coating oh we have an earthquake going on whoa whoa oh shoot guys we were having an earthquake right now oh my god oh shit stop stop stop stop stop stop please oh my god oh my god alright calm down whoa oh man oh my god guys I am rolling holy shit I'm sorry hang on hang on one second it's still moving oh god I am so scared right now Oh God hmm okay oh man I almost passed out I just I almost passed out all right now hmm Wow I don't know that felt extremely strong Oh God okay all right I'm just gonna chill for a second here um that was longer than the one yesterday that was longer when who I just need to calm down for a second my chest is banging right now I don't know if you were able to hear anything but there was like Rumble going on and I kind of felt myself shift and then I looked up and I have my oh man I gotta breathe for a second here I'm getting lightheaded the blinds in the front of my um my set up here all of a sudden just started going like this and then you see II kind of feel like like this under you there isn't it's like so unsteady that was insane that was insane I can't believe we just got this on camera right now I can't believe we just got this on camera right now oh my god I don't know maybe we will put this one up oh my god I can't believe 55:57 of you right now wherever you just came in whatever you just came into right now wherever you were in the chat when this just happened you just witnessed this live I don't know the magnitude of what that was if it was an aftershock if it was the another one but that was way bigger and I'm my phone is blowing up right now with messages and I am I am like beyond freaked out right now that was just insane that was insane right now insane oh my god anyway do Friday nights are always shaking on this dream yeah this is um yeah that that's that's crazy that is so crazy right now oh my god you know when this happened on that yesterday on the 4th of July it was a similar experience I was kinda I was laying down in bed and was reading and all of a sudden started a roll this way and I jumped to the doorway with my wife and we're looking at the blinds and the living room go off and my heart was crazy that it was insane but this is oh my god aftershocks are not supposed to be bigger than the actual quake and the quake registered 6.6 when they initially reported it and then they downgraded it to 6.4 and it was in Cyril's California which is kind of like in the Bakersfield Mojave Desert area a couple hours or so from here in a remote area but that was insane right now I'm not even I'm just looking at the chat casually wow goody-two-shoes 7.1 I don't know if that was a aftershock it can't that can't be an aftershock if it's higher than the actual one it can't be oh man dude that is unnerving that is unnerving right now but I just totally threw a monkey wrench into the feeling of uh I'm like on edge right now I'm like looking at my blinds I'm like on edge right now I I'm I'm kind of freaked out I'm like I'm experiencing this with this with all of you live right now this is insane this is insane right now what is going on well you guys can probably tell I don't do well with earthquakes but this was uh this was nuts this this was nuts right now for those of you who caught that live wow I am gonna have to probably I am so nervous right now it is not even funny but you know what I got it want to be I don't want to be alone so to speak so I'm gonna hang for just a little bit and we're gonna chill here but yeah this is uh that's crazy that's crazy this is uh it's a scary feeling there hasn't been a quake this strong since I believe 1999 initially the Northridge quake here but crazy wow that that was mind-numbing to witness to be experienced like that and to do this on youtube live right now forget it I can't believe we just caught that on on camera guys I am okay let's try and just kind of relax here let me I am guys I apologize I'm not really I'm not really watching the chat here for the most part this is this is nuts alright so goody-two-shoes 7.1 6.8 in Seattle it was the okay that was in 2001 okay TR 47 they just stopped the NBA Summer League game because I just felt an aftershock well my heart is like racing you know like when you when you get so scared quickly you can feel like yourself moving with your heartbeat right now that's how it feels like it felt like it was never gonna stop getting to issues yes bus says 11 miles from Ridgecrest so this is a different one oh shoot dude I'm gonna have to check the news here once we hang up with this but Wow and Keaton just stepped out okay I think you're seeing what's happening here yeah we just caught a pretty heavy earthquake again here in Southern California I guess you guys some of your saying goody-two-shoes jana sangh 7.1 i am i literally literally you don't have any idea about halfway through that my vision everything I was almost passed out III don't know what I was trying to fight that I mean that was intense the rush was intense I can't believe we just caught this on camera right now I am definitely going to be I'm gonna be putting this out probably for you guys to take a look at again I know I it's crazy this is just crazy right now outlaw yeah did you see that because how long's generation yeah it was very scary dude I I was petrified I don't that was absolutely insane connection everything is connected here we got that on camera guys we got this live on camera right now just just nuts just nuts I will definitely be putting this video up probably Wow bus drivers channel 4 says it lasted 40 seconds that's a long freaking time outlaw I've never seen I have seen you swear before never seen you swear before yeah yeah I don't even know what to do right now doors been Southern California another large earthquake preliminary puts a seven-point 1 magnitude 405 hundred tweets 3 likes I have never seen yeah that was that was crazy this is insane right now guys if that's a brand new thing somewhere else um oh god dude Elizabeth that'd be like having to change my drawers Wow bus how's your wife you know she's actually not here right now she's gonna she's actually on the way home but uh wow I am my heart is just banging right now oh my  god Jesus I guess a little bit of a release is a good thing right because that means it's like tension that kind of releases and that's a good thing but you know naturally it's not a good thing because of the experience of it and the feeling of it and going through that you know you never get used to it no matter how many years go by and you have this feeling of just intensity and when you feel that intensity when you feel the rush of the blood you feel yourself go cold well I I'm getting nervous here because I hear people walking above me and I it's kind of moving ceiling I'm freaking out right now this is insane okay I need to be doing this with you guys right now because this is this is pretty nutso try and just kind of calm down for just a couple more minutes and I'm probably gonna log off here in just a few I'm really uh I gotta get I gotta see what's going on with the news with this here but I'm glad that we can at least you know this is what I'm talking about about families thinking together and just kind of really relaxing and in trying to kind of bond together I should say I don't know about relaxing at this moment but yeah this is um this is insane bus everyone is going to sleep outside yeah I may have to go chill in the car I am so weirded out by that says just me out here I don't see anything on the news if you're here in Southern Cali it's probably lit up all over the place I think we already here Channel four is on I'm gonna be putting on the news here in just a little while but man not comfortable at all and that definitely felt a little stronger than yesterday like I said I woke up and I that was a very uncomfortable feeling I'm very sensitive with it so I feel it like instantly no matter if it's the middle of the night or wherever it is I instantly wake up and next thing you know things are going but easily the scariest the longest most intense rush feeling I have ever felt in my life living in California and I've lived here over 30 35 plus years and that was absolutely my numbing ly insane how petrified scared I was and I I can't even I can't even fathom how that must have looked to you guys right now I can't even fathom how they must have looked to you I apologize for any language you may have heard I apologize just in general but who it is rockin and rollin here in Southern Cali this is actually insane actually my wife has called me right now hang on one second babe now I am here live online right now with like 66 plus people staring at me with you on the phone here right now and I'm gonna no it's okay it's okay I'm freaked out I know you felt what you felt so babe it it was preliminary from what people are saying 7.1 that wasn't an aftershock that wasn't it Oh hold on I want you to tell my audience that babe what did what did you did you feel it at all she was driving my wife was driving oh my god all right well you guys heard it right there I'm actually right on right on the line right now I've got 72 people watching this right now and you just let just let them know I'm glad you were driving because I'm gonna tell you right now babe it was insane yeah Jay everybody everybody right now it is gonna be you know I don't know about you but I think we need to sleep in the car okay I'm just saying okay okay all right no that's all good it's all good so you're on your way back here anyway back right now okay all right just so you know Carol GG says hello she's fine we will be fine and shoutouts to all of you guys here right now all right love you seem a bit nervous well fortunately she was driving it didn't feel it as you guys witnessed there but you know what that obviously staying focused on the road and you know naturally she wasn't gonna feel it but guys this is absolutely mind IMing right now because if that 7.1 is accurate that's a brand new earthquake naturally that's not an aftershock so we've got a little cluster of situations going on here and it is it's a little scary Scott Crawford says it's updated 6.8 okay alright still anything above you know a five anything above act you know what anything above like a two you know is you can feel it so it is nuts it is absolutely nuts here right now so yeah that was uh that was crazy I am definitely I will get this video out to you guys um at some point here but yeah mind numbing mind them and guys absolutely mind-numbing just to kind of see I don't even I wasn't when I was when that was happening I was looking around I was looking through my computer I was looking through the blinds even though they're closed but I was focusing on just trying to stay coherent because that was the most insane experience I have ever ever been through and I can't believe I'm almost embarrassed that this is actually caught on camera but at the same time I'm curious enough just to kind of see what was happening around I mean nothing clearly fell I guess apparently here there's nothing that's that's just kind of is what it is I don't know if anything is noticeable there but that was crazy that was just crazy there so I'll stay on for another couple of minutes and then I think we're gonna finish this one out I appreciate we got 75 people here watching right now I'm not even gonna ask you guys to give this video a thumbs up because I don't want to say that you liked what you saw but I am I'm just absolutely just blown away by I can't believe instantly when that started to happen that role that feeling that fright that that just utter numbness of just the most terrifying experience that you're going through is happening and you can see it happening and it's visually and it's starting to overtake you at the same time I'm just kind of I'm just blown away by the human response by some people they react differently some people get really crazy some people like no big thing some people think it's fun maybe but I don't know about you but this this was real this was absolutely I mean you can't staged something like this I mean you probably could but naturally you know look at just happen I can't believe this I know that you know we live here on the west coast it's part of what we go through it's part of what it is but you never get used to it you never get used to it it was just absolutely mind-numbing with the experience of that so you know I'm glad that it's over wit for right now but that only means if this is truly something brand-new and it sounds like it is because it's big then that means this is going to be another aftershock of probably lesser but close to the feeling of what it is so I believe the secondary aftershock we have was a five point something which was really really early this morning so it was like a day later roughly yeah but my numbing guys absolutely mind-numbing so super scary guys super scary if you guys live on the west coast now is a good reminder to make sure that you have earthquake kits that are set up I don't want to say bus 733 to let the precursor to this home by donating 499 for that specific purpose but bus I appreciate you god bless you already our food reviews as well thank you for the donation I'm definitely gonna make sure my earthquake kit is fully in line with what it should have naturally but that was just an insane experiments and it completely feels like it killed my mood it killed my flow for this stream right now and I'm probably on here way too long but I'm trying to keep myself calm because I know that you know until the wife he gets home I'm gonna be like man what is happening here right now it's it is crazy so um that that is just nuts so I think what I'm gonna do is I will actually just I will cut this stream short here in like two minutes and then I'll just I'll put this up so you guys can you know take a look at it again I'll just make this available to you as soon as possible so that way it's just out there but yeah this is just this is just insane this is just insane right now I'm finally just kind of beginning to not feel like I'm sweating from it but um that was crazy bus and it wasn't him I appreciate you I appreciate you yeah no joke guys no joke so um I think with that said I'm gonna I'm gonna try and have tomorrow's review out I'm not gonna make any promises right now I got to be honest but I'm glad that we were able to spend a little bit of time tonight and do what we got to do but this was it's not what I expected not what I expected at all so yeah I think with that I'm gonna close this one out here guys thank you so much for jumping on again this is uh Ian Kay from peep this out reviews just telling you all just you know just love one another tomorrow is not guaranteed and definitely just do the very best you - just try and try and be the very best that you can because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring I am just I am just absolutely blown away here right now to you guys out there thank you so much for jumping on I don't really want to go down the line but to all my mods to everyone who's been on here right now craziness let's see critical says I should call this surviving a library quick maybe I'll do something kind of fun I don't know we'll have to see but watch for this video I'm gonna do something quick and I'll have this one up for you guys to kind of relive but this was mind-numbing guys absolutely mind-numbing for what it is so guys like I said if you here on the west coast you know just make sure you have your earthquake kit setup make sure you it's a good temperature check to make sure you never know it kind of seems like you know we're in a little bit of a of a flurry of activity right now and hopefully there's nothing else knock on wood but it's craziness here right now so guys thanks so much for jumping on I'll try and be back as always next Friday at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and again next review coming maybe tomorrow maybe Sunday but very very soon but just a crazy situation tonight and I'm glad that we were all able to share and make a memory together this is one for the ages right now so like I said tomorrow's not guaranteed make the very best of every single day because you don't know what's going to go down it's a good indicator if you live here on the west coast right there and you have visual proof of this right now so that's it I appreciate you guys jumping in here I am done talking I need to definitely use the restroom aside from what I may have kind of done here already and we'll definitely talk to you guys soon brand new content every single week as always as you guys know and I will definitely talk to you guys later so stay frosty stay safe and uh guys just just stay calm stay calm we'll talk to you later see ya I am more done than you can possibly imagine right now oh my god


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